Reverse Osmosis System

The availability of potable drinking water devoid of dissolved and un dissolved salts, bacterial contamination, viral contamination and fungal contamination is a challenge for human beings across the globe. Most of the water bodies are contaminated due to industrial and air pollution. In most of the parts especially in Indian sub continent people depend on bore well water for consumption and this water contains several salts in excess or more than the prescribed limits and cause several health problems to people. There are several ways of water purification methods but the most recent advance in the area of water purification is Industrial Reverse Osmosis System.

These systems are designed to produce purified water by a process called as reverse osmosis. This process involves water filtration which works under high pressure, using special membranes at different stages to remove suspended, dissolved, bacterial and chemical impurities from in the source water supply. Industrial Reverse Osmosis System removes all the toxic chemicals, germs and salts to provide safe and potable drinking water for human consumption.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System uses Semi permeable Membrane which filters dissolved salt ions and passes only clean drinking water. Then this water is treated with powerful Ultra Violet rays which kills organisms such bacteria and fungus. The membrane technology used in reverse osmosis system is based on a most advanced technique of forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a membrane to a region of low solute concentration by applying pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System is suitable for Hotels, large companies, and large industrial establishments to provide safe drinking water to their guests or employees. Industrial Reverse Osmosis System is also useful for potable bottled drinking water plants.

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