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 Micron Cartridge Filters
Our range of Micron cartridge filters are one of the best selling products. These are used for post treatment systems getting super clarity and extra sparkled water, which is filtered by a conventional sand filter. Micron cartridge filters have the ability to easily separate following:

Very fine suspended impurities
  • Colloidal matter
  • Sand particles and many others
General applications of micron cartridge filters
  • For water used in micro biological, bacteriological, enzyme, drug & medicine, marine & other research work, hospitals, laboratories and others
  • For clarifying water used for blending in wines, liquors, breweries, soft drinks aerated & mineral water plants
  • For water used in the making of syrups, fruit juices, health drink & other food items in food industries
  • For clarifying chemically pure water used in electronic, optical paper etc. industries
  • For water used in aqua-culture, plants, hacheries, canning, meat processing and other industries
  • FRP, MSEP, MSRL and SS Vessels as per requirement.
  • Flow rate upto 150 m3/hr max.
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