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 High Rate Solid Contact clarifiers
HRSCC is mostly used in applications wherein a large variation in the inlet conditions has to be tolerated by the system. After coagulation and/or flocculation in the sludge blanket units, the incoming water passes through the suspended layer of previously formed floc.

"Solids-contact" refers to units in which large volumes of sludge are circulated internally. The term also describes the sludge blanket unit and simply means that prior to and during sedimentation the chemically treated water contacts previously coagulated solids. Solids-contact, slurry pool units do not rely on filtration as in sludge blanket designs.

Bringing the incoming raw water into contact with re-circulated sludge improves the efficiency of the softening reactions and increases the size and density of the floc particles.

  • Silica Removal
  • Heavy Metal Removal
  • Primary treatment in ETP
  • Pre Treatment for Re-cycling system
  • With the range of 2.5 mᶟ/hr to 250 mᶟ/hr
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